Friday, December 30, 2011

Smurfs Movie

I had the pleasure of hosting a Smurfs party through Crowdtap. They sent a link with many activies that I could use for the kids to color with printable color pages and play games. It turned out to be a super fun party. I purchased the movie for everyone to watch during the party. First we all had smurf colored cupcakes. I made the frosting blue by adding a little blue food coloring to it. The kids thought that was the greatest thing they had ever seen. One child asked me if I got the cupcakes from the smurf villiage. That was too cute. While we watched the movie, the kids colored on their color pages. They were laughing so hard through the movie. Their favorite part was where clumsy fell into the toilet. After the movie was over, I connected my computer to the tv so the kids could play games. we played smurfette's spot the difference and grouchy's matching game. The kids loved it. The kids were begging their moms to buy them the movie as they were leaving. Mom's were having a hard time getting the kids out the door because they wanted to stay longer and play more games and watch the movie again.