Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old Navy Beach Accessory sample and share opportunity.

I got accepted to be a party of Old Navy's sample and share for beach accessories. This is one reason I love Crowdtap and Old Navy. All of the opportunities that they offer are unbelievable and fantastic. This sample and share they sent me 4 coupons, one for myself and 3 for friends. Each of us were able to get a pair of sunglasses, a pair of flip flops, a beach towel, and a beach bag.

I tried to have it as one big party where all of my friends and I go all at once, but of course all of our schedules didn't agree so I had to go with each of them all separately. I took my friend Amanda the day we got our coupons. Her and I both used ours that day. We had a blast shopping through the variety of styles and colors and all of the options available to pick from. She ended up getting a wicker beach bag, the flip flop beach towel, some flip flops in tan, and some black sunglasses. I got the flower beach towel, the blue beach bag with the tie at the shoulder, some gray flip flops and some black square framed sunglasses. We both also made an additional purchase. She purchased some flip flops for both of her kids and I got some sunglasses for my kids, flip flops for them, and also myself an additional pair of flip flops.

The second trip I took my husband. He never gets to participate in things like this and with it being fathers day I thought he deserved to be a part of it. We went and they had a great selection of flip flops for men that he was able to pick from, they had a few different styles of beach towels for men, but we had trouble with the sunglasses. We spent the most time in this section trying to find unisex sunglasses and out of all of the styles there were only 2 styles that were unisex. We were both a little disappointed with the selection of sunglasses for men. For his beach bag, he picked a wicker bag that he felt comfortable using when he took the kids to the pool or to the beach. It turned out to be alot of fun even though there was not much of a variety of sunglasses to choose from. We loved the fathers day sale as well since all the men's items were 50% off. My husband got him a pair of swim shorts as well while we were there.

Finally, today, I took my final friend to Old Navy for her coupon. She picked the same blue beach bag I did, the zebra print beach towel, some metal sunglasses with aviator looking frames, and some black flip flops. I didn't get to stay in the store with her as long since I had my daughter, but she called me and said she also got a new swim suit, and about 5 more pair of flip flops with a few other items.

I highly recommend everyone to check out all the styles Old Navy offers, especially the flip flops. There were walls and walls of flip flops and it was fantastic at the styles and variety, even for the men. Old Navy is making me love them more and more with all the new items they add to their store. They never disappoint.

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